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Our Development

Our Company would like to present our patented three-cylinder radial engine. It is a two-stroke engine characterized by a charging pump which is also patended by us. Owing to this pumpe the engine is very light, compact and smooth running, low fuel consumption and a proper fuel mixture are secured.

Because of these advantages our engine is suitable e.g. in ultralights powered hangglider and kite flight engine, portable devices, big model planes etc.!
An important advantage for production of the engine is the fact, that many of the engine parts are series products, e.g. cylinders, pistons etc.

We have already built three prototypes in different sizes, one of them has already passed 50 hours on a test-stand (development almost finished). We have already found customers for the engine. The engine has been decorated with several awards yet:

Bayerischer Staatspreis

Innovationspreis des Landes Baden-Württemberg

Deutscher Handwerkspreis


Furthermore we have:

a disertation with all calculations of the engine

three prototypes

drawings of each component etc.

As we are a very small company unfortunately we are not in a position to produce and commercialize this engine. If you are interested in our patent contact us.

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